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I’d like to point out for all the non-service industry folks that in most restaurants, not only do servers make waaaaay less than minimum wage [2.13/hr here], but so do the bussers, food runners, barbacks, and bartenders. All of those staff members are paid significantly less than minimum wage [we pay our bussers ~3/hr]. The rest of their wages come from a mandatory portion of the server’s tips that are taken and divided amongst that group. This goes one of two ways; that portion is either based on sales [such as a flat 5% of your sales is taken out of your tips] OR based on your tips [a flat 20% of your tips are taken].

So when you stiff a server, or tip shitty, or whatever, best case scenario, they work at a restaurant whose tip-out is tip-based, which means the bussers, who clean up after you and before you, and clean your shitty bathroom messes, and the food runners, who prep and expedite and bring the food to your table, and the people who made your drinks and stocked the bar and kept the bar clean, are LITERALLY NOT GETTING PAID


and this is the one that really, really gets me, if your server works at a restaurant with a sales based tip out, they can end up PAYING to serve you. if my tip is less than 5% of the tables bill, I am then required to PAY out of my other tips for the OPPORTUNITY to wait on your table.

you’re not just not paying me, or fighting the system, or whatever. you are not paying almost the entire staff! or you are making me PAY for waiting on you!


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Ready for Halloween


Ready for Halloween

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Gillian Anderson in A Streetcar Named Desire


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Sara’s endless list of fave comic panels in no order (12/?)

Hal Jordan in Secret Origins #36
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